Chris Murphy

Hey guys, my name is Chris. Whereas some people feel they need a nickname to establish themselves as more credible in the sport of bodybuilding, I believe that letting other people label you by your work is more important than labeling yourself.  I have always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, as I grew up playing organized sports.  Whether it was soccer, baseball, track, or basketball, my parents made sure that I was always involved in physical activities to stay fit and social.  Even though I enjoyed those team sports, it wasn’t until I was about 17 years old that I found the one individual sport that I would become addicted to.  Bodybuilding.
 Whereas it started as a hobby to fill my time while my girlfriend was away at school, I quickly realized that I had a passion for not only just lifting weights, but CHALLENGING myself.  Would I be able to lift that weight?  Could I go even heavier?  Was I capable of turning my long, skinny frame into something more immense?  Those were the questions that I chose to answer EVERY day I entered the gym.  Sometimes the weight was too heavy, other times I overcame.  But EVERY time I lifted, as I do now, I gave MAXIMUM EFFORT.  to this day, I believe in pushing PAST the limit. I go FURTHER than my comfort level and work until I can’t, not until I simply don’t feel like it.  I firmly believe that it’s that mentality, that drive, and that effort that led me to have the Natural Physique that I do today.  Is my body perfect?  No.  But to me, there is no such thing.  I push beyond the limits to chase the never ending pursuit of perfection, full well knowing that It will never be “Enough”.  THAT is what drives me to keep going, to keep lifting, and to keep pushing myself.
 About 5 years ago I decided to become a personal trainer so that I could help to change lives.  I want to be the person that others turn to when they want to become healthier, stronger, and to simply improve their bodies, their minds, and their health.  I’ve been fortunate to come across some amazing clients, and it never ceases to amaze me just how passionate people can be about their health and fitness.  I always teach my clients that the numbers of sets, reps, and weight are not NEARLY as important as the EFFORT that goes into each lift and each set.  Because whether it’s a light weight, or a heavy weight… If you push harder than you ever have before, you WILL reach your goal.  And in 2016, I will reach mine by winning my first Natural Bodybuilding competition in New York.  Set the bar high…. Lift it even higher.