kjDominic came from a sports background, throughout his young and teenage years, playing soccer and baseball but then transitioning to football.  He was a skinny kid then became overweight throughout 3rd-9th grade and finally  became skinny chubby.  Dominic always looked up to fitness models at a young age so he worked extremely hard at sports to also look good but failed, miserably.  He had no clue what to eat and just ate what his family put in front of him.
  The 9th grade started bad accruing a l3,l4 stress fracture in his lower lumbar because he was squatting wrong for football and had no one around him smart enough to guide him to the correct form  so he was told he could no longer play sports, quickly realizing he couldn’t run, jump or anything for 3 years because it hurt so bad.  3 years later, at 17, he stepped foot back in the gym, disappointed on how he looked in the mirror after 3 years of no activity. 6 years later he is here, working hard, learning everyday, being patient, competing against himself, not others. Dominic will strive for continuous improvement and excited for the future. Lets shoot for the stars together.
Dominic’ Stats:  Coming Soon