Justin comes from a extreme sports background starting with skateboarding. Throughout his years of training daily, his biggest excitement was to prove the impossible and loved being told “you can’t do that.” That simple phrase is was fuels his actions that brought him in to bettering himself.

Throughout college, Justin started struggling with the effects of bipolar depression in which is grades started to plummet by his Junior year from a 3.8 – 1.5. During this tiresome time, he was approached by a fellow friend about a well known inspirational man Greg Plitt. Justin started following Greg and reached out to him with his problems that he was suffering with in which he was answered back to the following week. Around 3 months later, Justin had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with his new idol Greg at the annual Arnold Classic. From this time forward, everything that fuels Justin comes from that simple phrase, “you can’t do that.” Now his life consists of reaching out and helping as many individuals as he can throughout his life through bodybuilding as it had  save his own life.

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