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Athlete: Zack


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Zack, The Powerlifter

Zachery is a young man wanting to pursue professional powerlifting. He was born and raised in a small town in West Virginia where he also attends the local university. He has played sports his whole life and was naturally built but never really started lifting till his Sr. year in high school. Once he found out about this amazing sport he was hooked. At first he knew little about lifting weights but that soon changed as he got into a real gym and began to train with people who knew what they were doing. He was fortunate to have a good friend that knew a lot about bodybuilding and helped point him in the right direction but soon realized it was not what he wanted out of lifting. He wanted power. Luckily there was a professional power lifter that trained at the same gym Zack did and saw him growing and getting stronger and asked him if he would like to train with him. They trained together for a few months until Zack had an unfortunate accident benching and tore some ligaments in his shoulder. It took him three months before he could even start lifting light again. Once he got back in the groove and started training with his trainer it was all uphill from there. Zack did his first official powerlifting meet on Dec 3 2011 and is now ranked in the top 25 single ply lifters in America for squat, deadlift, and total. Powerlifting is what Zack looks forward to every morning when he wakes up. Zack is looking forward to competing in powerlifting meets in the near future and has his sights set to break some American records if not some world records.