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One of the most important elements of The BentBarbell Project is being an ever-expanding movement.  The overwhelming amount of support and interest in the project has led our production team to brainstorm ways to unify us all under a single entity and grow together as one.  In addition to our top notch team of athletes, The BentBarbell is now looking for members to become part of The BentBarbell Nation; an iron brotherhood aimed at spreading knowledge and motivation.

Becoming a part of The BentBarbell Nation means a few things.  First and foremost, it implies that you’re strong.  Not necessarily physically, but mentally strong.  We want the members of the nation to be dedicated, inspiring, and approachable.  Our entire goal is spreading the word of fitness and we’re looking for those who can bring that message to a reality by joining The Nation.

So you think you’re dedicated enough to associate yourself with the project?  Think you have what it takes to become part of The Nation?  Once you’ve made the commitment, we’ll make a commitment to you!

We look forward to hearing from you!  Make sure once you’re part of The Nation that you preach The BentBarbell message.  If we like what we see, YOU could be the next featured athlete!!

Interested in being part of the Nation?  Email us:









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