Perhaps the most important aspect of training, nutrition, and supplementation is not to be able to physically bare the workload, but rather to be mentally in control and have an unrelenting discipline. The mind is a powerful tool and is arguably more important than any muscle in regards to maturation and growth. This fact is manifested through the emergence of new training techniques, scientific studies, and a myriad of supplement and nutritional breakthroughs. An individual must possess both an unforeseen passion as well as a perfectionist mindset in order to have a chance at making it to the top. There’s an old saying that says “those who can, do and those that can’t, teach.” This begs the question – What about those who can, do, AND teach? This is where we meet Charlie – the analyzing young man whose attempt to defy the genetic limit has been fruitful with a mind inclined to discovery and body just as impressive.

Charlie’s intangible dispositions have led him to become the center of attention nearly everywhere he goes. Moreover, his physique garners more than its fair share of interest as well. His kind and approachable demeanor are something sought after by all in need of advice. Charlie offers a unique framework of humility that has built the person he is today and he is never shy to lend a helping hand. It’s no wonder he is currently enrolled in a university and will soon graduate with a plethora of honors and become a teacher. He is educated far beyond your typical ‘meathead’.
Unfortunately, however, a vast majority of his knowledge often goes unused. Charlie credits his gains, state-record caliber lifts, and his inspiring physique to his holistic, logical, and research-based approach to this lifestyle. When his peers were asked to describe Charlie, nearly all used terms synonymous with ‘disciplined.’ Charlie has gained a reputation of being “so mentally strong, it’s almost inhuman.” So whether you have a question on stretching, nutrient timing, protein requirements, pH balance within the body, or just how to engender a mind set conducive to accomplishing your goals.