Theresa Ivancik

I Grew up as a very active child, always running around finding something to do. I got my first job at 16, and I remember coming home after work and going straight to my room (that my sis and i shared) and doing Tae bo at 10pm (while she was sleeping) and “before the homework” lol. I would even come home on breaks and go for a run since  I lived so close! This is when my fitness addication truley began, I just loved how i felt after working out! I was on the Butler Sequinette dance team in high school and enjoyed every minute of it, this was the only school program i ever got into though.  Then after graduation i didn’t know what career i really wanted pursue. Nothing seemed interesting to me at all. My friend got me a job at a local gym working the front desk and I  loved it!!  I enjoyed the people, the atmosphere and really had so much fun it wasen’t like work at all!  I was a cardio freak then and didn’t touch a weight and ate very little food.  One day i was looking through the Oxygen Magazine and seen pictures from a competition. I instantly became addicated to the way these girls looked. I thought to myself one day i will do that, ill compete!!I wanted to go the distance, I wanted what these girls had!! I had a vision of becoming a professional athlete, and possibly having the honor to step on the Olympia Stage!  I also wanted to own my own gym and be a personal trainer some day.  I finally found something i was interested in! So, I was told to go see this local trainer Jeff Harlan, because he did contest prep. I did, but it didn’t last long, he told me i needed to eat. Well with me being a cardio freak and reading all the articles i did, i thought he was crazy.. so i left lol …    I then started training on my own in my basement for my first competition in 2006. I did my first figure competition in 2007 followed by two more – with tips ive read from magazines and the internet. I placed first at my first show, but still didn’t look how i really wanted to look!  Then “seven” years later I ran into the trainer Jeff Harlan again, and i told him i was ready to do it!…. So May 2008 was my first real big show, with a much stricter diet and harder intense training.  From then on my boyfriend (the trainer) and I have been together ever since. I got a personal trainnig job with him after he helped me with my certification. Which then led into us owning our own gym, two of the three goals were now complete, everything but the pro card! In 2010 I decided to make  a switch to bodybuilding. I loved hitting the weights and i loved the feeling of lifting heavy. The crazy pumps and harder intense training was so addicating. I entered my first bodybuilding show in Pittsburgh at Soliders and Sailer.  I also took my 83 year old grandpap with me to compete for his first time. It was so rewarding to see his face light up when he held up his huge trophy and most inspirational plaque. That day changed his life forever, it brought a different person out of him, which i have never seen!  We both got to share that stage together for our first bodybuilding competition!! Still to this day he pumps and stacks the weights at 90!  He is my inspiration, and the healthiest he has ever been ! Bodybuilding has changed my life in so many ways, and i am here to inspire and help others reach their goals, that they might have thought was impossible! I am living proof that anything can happen! Its how bad do you want it! So after several shows and learning more about the diet and training we finally did it I conquered my third goal and I am now an IFBB Pro!!!  My next Journey begins here, now with a new goal, to be best in the world one day!!!!  I’ve learned to not follow your dreams but to Chase them!

Please do the same !!!!  You only live once!!!!!