It’s undeniable that the single most driving force of motivation is the need for justification from self. Few of us have ever had this determination from birth. The harsh reality is that a catalyst, typically in form of tragedy, is needed to ignite the fire of success.

This tragedy came in the form of loss when Tristan was just a growing boy, both physically and mentally. When Tristan was 12, his father past away after a long fought battle. Not only did his father instill a passion for weightlifting in Tristan, but he also engendered a passion and unrelenting desire for success. The only thing he wanted for his son was to follow his dreams. From the day of his father’s passing, Tristan was determined to make him proud. Who knew that genetics evidently include work ethic as well. Tristan took this will and began to train just as he had with his father but with more ferocity than ever before.

Finding a young athlete whose will power parallels that of Tristan’s is perhaps an impossible task. This drive has manifested itself through 230lbs of dense muscle, 19.5 inch arms, and lifts that make bars bend and children scream. The only thing scarier than Tristan’s badass disposition and his overpowering physique? He’s only 24 years old. Come with us and follow Tristan in his journey to physique greatness – a journey that can only be fueled by an Iron Will.