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Amazon WishlistDue to the immense expenditures required in such a production, we at BentBarbell are humbly requesting any and all contributions by means of:

  • monetary contributions (for travel, website, etc),
  • supplement donations (for athletes, to use for giveaways, or contests),
  • gym memberships,
  • clothing (logos with permission to film) to be worn by the athletes,
  • and any technological donations (cameras, hard drives for media storage, computers for editing, software and etc.)

Our team’s years of film work with other projects and productions yields necessary experience and expertise regarding the symbiotic nature of a sponsorship.  We will ensure proper product placement and recognition of any and all contributions.

The fact that we are a project rooted in networking will provide appeal to potential donators.  Our athletes will be immersed in a myriad of mediums including video & webcast, forums posts, personalized Twitter and Facebook accounts, daily blogs, and several YouTube video series.  Primarily our athletes have undertaken a project called “What’s in Your Gym Bag?” which is a YouTube series aimed at our intended audiences to show what our athletes take to the gym.  Furthermore, we have encouraged followers of the project to do the same in order to further our networking and promote the project.  Our extensive and vast list of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers ensures that our media is noticed.  Collectively, The BentBarbell Project reaches thousands of fitness enthusiasts world wide.  This is a crucial factor when considering the opportunities we are able to present to potential sponsors.  We have the ability for unique product placement in videos, positive reviews, and thousands will see our recommendations to try the respective products.  Our advertising will ensure that your product is viewed by your intended audience.

Although we are a small production company, we at BentBarbell LLC, are certain that our unique and telling approach to the ever-growing world of fitness will create an unparalleled interest and support from out intended audiences.
Please feel free to email us at sponsor@bentbarbell.com with any questions or feedback. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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Amazon Wishlist

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