Tom’s Bentbarbell Interview


Wherever I go I try to do and be the best for myself. I’m now 21 and I work with all my heart to become the best personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder I possible can be. I live and grew up in a small town, Greensburg PA. Up until age 14, I was the fat
kid. I never enjoyed the person I was. When I walked into a room I felt like everyone was looking at me in judgement or even pity. I always grew up envying greater than life characters or people. Tv show characters with unreal muscle size or people who were able to perform extreme athletics always fascinated me beyond the average oo’s and ahh’s of being above average. I wanted to become jus that, and it was finally time to create that life for myself. At age 15 I began working out religiously in my room after school. Each month I looked everywhere trying accumulate more equipment to add to my “tool set” to create my own change. In 1 year I completely transformed my body and lost 48lbs; creating an entirely new version of myself. However my change was gradual and self confidence was still so low I couldn’t see the change in myself that others could. I decided to have someone take a picture of myself and it was then I saw the development of my muscle tissue that I did to myself. I saw the hard work finally take form in myself and at that moment it changed my life.

When your clothes cant handle your gains!

However I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to take what I created and pit it against others who want to create the best versions of themselves. I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show and took second place at the NANBF Mr. Pittsburgh. I saw on stage my weakness’ and my strengths and worked even harder to create the artwork that envisioned in my head to put it into reality. I trained harder, ate better and competed again in the OCB steel championships where I placed a lower rank of fifth but in a larger group of older males. It was then I realized that the journey of fitness isn’t against competing against others, it’s about competing against yourself and creating the best you you can become. I found true happiness in the journey of bodybuilding and fitness and then finally became happy with myself. I wanted others to feel the joy and passion I had in life though I understand others wouldn’t find joy in competing I knew many do find joy in enshrining their own level of fitness to increase their own self esteem. Being apart of that journey for others brings a joy that I can’t explain and that’s why I decided to also become a personal trainer. I’m certified through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and am able to correct movement patterns and properly create a safe environment for progression and growth in the human body. Although I’m always hungry to challenge myself I can say I’m happy in what I am and what I can help others do for themselves. I plan to help anyone I possible can making the world a better place one crunch,
press, or curl at a time.


Tom’s Stats coming soon